Check online if you suspect an abandoned vehicle

SKDC is making residents aware of the steps to take online if they suspect a vehicle may have been abandoned in their local community on public land.

A vehicle parked on the street must be taxed and insured and if it is aged three years or older it must have a valid MOT certificate.

Anyone can check if a vehicle is taxed or has a valid MOT by visiting and entering the vehicle's model and registration plate.

If the website states no tax or MOT is in place the residents are asked to report this to the DVLA on 0300 790 6801 or at

A vehicle may be abandoned if it has flat tyres, any of its wheels have been removed, has broken windows or lights or if there is litter or debris under the vehicle suggesting it has been in a location for a prolonged period of time.

In this instance, contact the Council's Neighbourhoods team by emailing

The Council will respond within five working days to assess the vehicle and if deemed to be abandoned they will attach a notice to it giving the owner chance to claim the vehicle.

If after a period of time no owner has come forward, they will then contact the DVLA to find the registered keeper and if no contact is received will arrange for it to be removed and destroyed by a private contractor.

Residents are reminded abandoned vehicles can get confused with nuisance vehicles which include those poorly parked, causing an obstruction, that are involved in residential parking disputes or broken down. These issues should always be directed to local police by calling 101.

SKDC's Executive Member for Environment Cllr Nick Craft said: "If you suspect a vehicle is abandoned on land you own you are advised to check its owner details with the DVLA so you can contact the owner.

"We know abandoned vehicles can be an eyesore and we work with the DVLA to identify the owner as quickly as possible.

"Removing them can have a large cost implication to us so we will always consider prosecuting those found to have illegally dumped a vehicle."