The Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast Clubs are groups of veterans and serving members of all arms of Her Majesty's Armed Forces, who, in short, look out for each other. 

Armed Forces Veterans Breakfast Clubs  meet regularly across the country and provide a social network and informal support to veterans and their families. 

The club is free to attend, but you do have to purchase your own breakfast. 

We have the following clubs in South Kesteven:

They meet every weekend, Saturday or Sunday mornings, eat breakfast together and indulge in some good old military banter. 

For many, this also leads to meeting socially at other times and network among the variety of trades the veterans all now work in.

There are representatives from Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines... so come along and join in the banter! 

Simply contact the group in advance or turn up on a Saturday or Sunday morning (please note that ID may be requested to ensure eligibility).