The grant pays for essential adaptations identified in the Occupational Therapist assessment as 'necessary and appropriate' and according to our standard specification. If you wish to have work undertaken higher than our specification you may do so but you would need to pay any additional cost yourself.

If you start your work before you have submitted a full application and before you have been informed about the decision, you will need to be prepared to pay for all the associated cost yourself.  We are not able to give a grant retrospectively once the work has started.

The maximum mandatory grant available is £30,000. The grant is subject to means-testing, and the amount awarded will depend on your own financial circumstances; you may need to pay part or all of the cost of the work.

Although we pay for whole or part of the work, the contractual relationship is between you and the contractor(s). We will not undertake any additional costs associated with any disputes between you and the contractor(s).

In certain cases a local land charge of up to £10,000 can be placed on the property which must be repaid if the property is sold or disposed of within 10 years.

If within five years you do not need the adaptation for whatever reason, you or your representatives are obliged to inform us; this is because we may wish to remove the equipment if practical (e.g. stair-lift) for it to benefit another household.