Exemptions for face coverings

Wearing a face covering has become part of everyday life for many people, but South Kesteven District Council says it is important to remember there are those who may be exempt from doing so due to their age, health or for disability reasons.

People who are exempt from wearing a face covering should not usually be asked to produce written evidence of their exemption and do not need to seek advice or ask for a letter of explanation from a medical professional.

SKDC Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Annie Mason, said some may be more comfortable if they had an exemption card or badge making it clear that they did not have to wear one.

She said: "We should all be aware that some people are exempt from wearing a face covering and we should try to keep that in mind and show kindness to others.

"There will, however, be some people who have experienced issues in certain situations when they haven't been wearing a mask and may have been challenged by other members of the public.

"For anyone who is concerned about this there are badges and exemption cards that are available. This is a personal choice and is not necessary in law."

Face coverings are mainly intended to protect others, not the wearer, against the spread of infection because they cover the nose and mouth, which are the main confirmed sources of transmission of Coronavirus.

For more information and to download a badge go to www.gov.uk/government/publications/face-coverings-when-to-wear-one-and-how-to-make-your-own