Grant support helps local good causes

Grassroots projects are receiving welcome financial help from South Kesteven District Council's Ward Member Grant Scheme, which provides cash for community projects.

Cllr Adam Stokes, (Grantham, Springfield), has donated £1,000 to St John Ambulance volunteers to invest in new equipment and keep their current apparatus in perfect working order.

He said: "They need £10,000 overall to continue to provide their vital medical cover. 

"Our local volunteers need to replace medical equipment, including defibrillators, as well as keep the rest of their kit up-to-date and well-maintained - and I am happy to be able to help out."  

St John Ambulance community fundraising co-ordinator Alison Cook said: "We will use this money to help the fundraising we're carrying out to maintain our kit to an acceptable and recommended lifespan. 

"We're pleased Cllr Stokes chose to assist us. Having modern and well-maintained equipment ensures that our volunteers can continue to serve communities and save lives as well as supporting the NHS at what is still a very difficult time."

A community centre that is the focus of local activity is to benefit from a £1,000 grant from Cllr Lee Steptoe (Grantham, Earlesfield).

The grant for Grantham West Community Centre, on Trent Road, will help refurbish the kitchen area and repair chairs.

Cllr Steptoe said: "The centre has very much become a hub for the local community in one of the most disadvantaged wards in the district. All kinds of activities take place here, from coffee mornings for young mums to line dancing, children's parties and wedding receptions - and this is provided for residents at very affordable prices."

Centre committee chair June Kirton said: "Our centre is in use every day of the week under normal circumstances and urgently needs these refurbishments. Cllr Steptoe's donation will create a better environment and improved facilities at a venue that regularly attracts more than 200 people to its events. The centre is run by volunteers and, along with Cllr Steptoe, we're all keen to see it in great shape for future community events."  

SKDC Chairman, Cllr Jacky Smith (Grantham, St Wulfram's), has given £500 to Dr Frier's Children's Holiday Fund, which needs £10,000 per year to provide holidays for underprivileged children from the Grantham area. The historic charity, founded in the 1920s, now hands out grants to local schools to achieve this and the £500 will pay for ten children to go on a holiday they would not otherwise get.

Cllr Amanda Wheeler (Stamford, St George's) has allocated £650 to Mindspace Stamford to help develop weekly events that appeal to the 18-25 age group. They will be focused on improving wellbeing through social connections in a safe and non-judgmental setting. The events will form part of the schedule of mental health support, provided by Mindspace, such as a drop in cafe, yoga, boxing and walking.