Sheltered housing residents say thanks for Coronavirus crisis support

Residents at a sheltered housing complex in Thurlby have publicly thanked South Kesteven District Council and their neighbours for supporting them through the Coronavirus crisis.

Gardens are blooming everywhere at Almond Court, neighbours have helped out, shopping has been delivered and an emergency bulk collection of refuse by SKDC add up to what one resident says is an 'absolutely magnificent' effort.

Mrs Jill Bellamy, who has lived at the complex for two years, called SKDC's Community Hub team to say how well residents have been looked after, turning a difficult period into a positive experience.

She said: "It shows that if the council, residents and neighbours unite and think what we can get done rather that sit at home moaning and knitting, we can politely ignore all the negativity. These last few weeks have been proof of what collectively can be achieved by everyone working together

"Neighbours have volunteered and helped us, the flowers are looking beautiful and the council has been really supportive. It's been absolutely magnificent and got us through a really difficult time."

Local ward councillor and SKDC Deputy Leader, Cllr Barry Dobson, visited the complex and said: "The positivity and community spirit our residents have shown is just amazing and we are delighted to have played our part. 

"Almond Court is a great example of what a difference working together can make to the wellbeing of some of our most vulnerable residents during a time of crisis. The whole place looks absolutely beautiful and they should feel proud of themselves."

Residents also thanked groups which have helped them, including Don't Lose Hope in Bourne, and the Bourne Coronavirus Volunteers.

Cllr Annie Mason, SKDC Cabinet member for Communities, added: "We have seen time and time again during this crisis what a difference it makes when communities come together to help each other out. It's been one of the highlights during a dreadfully worrying time."

Picture: Cllr Barry Dobson with residents Ray Maidens, Jennifer Brooks, Rosemary Nightingale,  Gillian Tresidder, Jill Bellamy and SKDC sheltered housing officer Katie Askew (rear)

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