Voucher prize bonus offer for LotterySK

Ticket holders in South Kesteven District Council's community lottery can win a summer bonus of £100-worth of B&Q gift vouchers.

LotterySK organiser Gatherwell has organised a national offer of five sets of £100 in vouchers, adding to the attraction of a potential top prize of £25,000 in the district's weekly draw.

Cllr Annie Mason, SKDC Cabinet member for Communities, said: "I hope that groups can use incentives like these valuable B&Q prizes as another good reason to reach out to their supporters and sell more tickets.

"Our good causes have been sent new marketing materials to help encourage ticket sales within their communities at a time when fund-raising for good causes is so important. I am really impressed with the way that our LotterySK partners have continued their great work through the coronavirus crisis and the way that ticket sales are holding up."

The draw for the B&Q vouchers will be made on Saturday 29 August. Recent weeks have seen several local winners scooping £250, as well as lots of players winning free tickets.

With LotterySK set to deliver more than £66,000 for local causes this year, three new groups have expressed an interest in joining the lottery, adding to the 107 good causes currently enjoying the benefits of supporters buying tickets.

Sixty per cent of every £1 lottery ticket goes to support good causes in South Kesteven and every ticket has a one in 50 chance of winning.

To buy tickets, or register as a good cause, go to www.lotterysk.co.uk where there is also information and advice on  how to encourage ticket sales.