Safety message for popular parks

As lockdown restrictions start to ease more people are expected to visit South Kesteven District Council's community parks in Grantham.

Wyndham Park, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Dysart Park are popular with pedestrians, cyclists, dog walkers and others, and all are being asked to follow simple guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe.

Public safety banners are reminding park users to take care and be aware of others by:

• Following social distancing advice

• Adhering to Government guidelines on group gatherings

• Keeping dogs on short leads

• Cycling and walking with care when using shared paths

SKDC's Cabinet Member for Commercial and Operations, Cllr Dr Peter Moseley, said the parks had proved invaluable in helping to maintain and improve people's health and wellbeing by staying open throughout lockdown.

"We are fortunate that these fantastic green spaces have remained open, providing people with perfect venues for outdoor exercise," he said.

"Since restrictions have eased we have been happy to welcome even more park visitors, but to avoid any unnecessary accidents adding to the pressure our magnificent NHS is already under we are asking people to follow Government advice and show respect for others.

"Please be considerate of all park users and, in addition, dispose of your litter or bagged dog waste using the bins provided, or take your waste home with you if bins are full or unavailable."