SKDC Community Hub at the heart of Coronavirus volunteer effort

SKDC's own Community Hub has been at the forefront of the Coronavirus crisis volunteer effort, from co-ordinating help for those in need and issuing food bank vouchers, to answering questions and offering a friendly voice on the end of the telephone.

Launched on 21 March as part of SKDC's rapid response to the pandemic,  the hub drew on staff volunteers to create a dedicated team available.

Please note the Hub opening hours are now 8.45am-5.15pm (Monday-Thursday) and Friday 8.45am-4.45pm.

The hub has handled more than 1,300 calls and 300 emails from across the district and established a register of more than 55 volunteer groups.

Challenges have ranged frommaking sure that nine stranded Cuban circus performers had food and a roof over their heads, to arranging for an electrician to visit an elderly vulnerable resident. There have been other questions about bathroom repairs, broken hearing aids, and even haircuts.

Working with the Rotary Clubs of Grantham and Grantham Foodbank, the hub has arranged food deliveries to vulnerable residents across the district and is now the sole distributor of Foodbank vouchers.

A befriending service reaches out to vulnerable residents, resulting in regular weekly calls made to make sure they are well and coping and have enough food and medication. 

Officers have found these rewarding with a lot of positive feedback from the people they ring.  Many residents say they wouldn't be without the calls with comments like "they really help get me through the week". 

It's brought benefits for council staff as well. Regular Skype meetings have boosted team spirit, helped to maintain wellbeing, allowed staff to learn new service areas and support colleagues.  There's even been the first SK Community Hub quiz and social.

If you need help call the hub hotlines 01476 406177 and 01476 406358 or email

Community Hub Team