Community group sews up £500 donation to support NHS staff at Grantham Hospital

Health workers at Grantham Hospital are getting extra protective 'scrubs' thanks to the efforts of a network of volunteers who have received a £500 boost from SKDC.

The cash, from Cllr Penny Milnes' Ward Member Grant Fund, will help pay for materials for the project.

During lockdown, Council Leader Cllr Kelham Cooke took a Key Decision to double the grant scheme's funding, giving each district councillor a total of £1,000 to spend on local community projects.

He said: "This project is one example of how we as a council, and individual councillors, can work with charities and community groups across our wonderful district for the benefit of all."

Fulbeck village volunteer Tina Nolan helps co-ordinate two Facebook groups with Marie Boddington and Lucy Parkes, both NHS workers at Grantham Hospital. They have a team of volunteers producing scrubs, scrub bags - to safely deal with possible contaminated scrubs - and ear protectors to make face masks more comfortable to wear.

Tina said: "The project has grown with the support of the community in Fulbeck and the surrounding area. We were initially part of a much wider Lincolnshire group but wanted to keep our own area front of mind, fulfilling the unprecedented need for scrubs for Grantham Hospital and local healthcare workers."

Cllr Milnes said: "There is a double benefit; firstly, to support the hospital in their efforts during the crisis, and also to enable the community to use their time and skills in support of our fantastic NHS and healthcare workers, who are busy caring for the wider community."

The group, which also received £500 in a Lincolnshire County Council grant by Cllr Alexander Maughan, uses donations to pay for materials.

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Lynda Allen making scrubs:

Lynda Allen making scrubs


Scrubs workshop:

Scrubs workshop


Selection of the scrubs msde by the group:

Selection of scrubs


Nurse in scrubs made by the group:

Nurse in scrubs made by Jenny Hurst