Small gestures can help key workers

South Kesteven District Council is asking residents to look out for their neighbours, particularly those who live near key workers who are vital in the fight against Coronavirus.

Those key workers across South Kesteven and the rest of Lincolnshire are leading from the front in ensuring essential services are maintained.

SKDC Cabinet Member for Communities, Cllr Annie Mason, said: "This is a very challenging time and we are simply asking people to think how they can make small gestures that show much the work of others is appreciated.

"I have been very impressed with how people in South Kesteven have followed Government advice by keeping social contact to an absolute minimum and adhering to social distancing guidance.

"But there are things that people can do to help others, particularly for those working long hours or unsociable shifts. This could be as simple as going to fetch some shopping or a prescription."

Key workers include those employed in health and social care - from medical consultants to cleaners; supermarket staff and others in the food supply chain; the emergency services; utilities staff making sure electricity, oil, gas and water supplies continue; transport workers who make sure the supplies get to where they are needed; and others.

Many people now confined, for the most part, to their own homes may know a key worker who lives next door or close by for whom even the smallest gesture could make a big difference.

Cllr Mason said: "Whilst at home many of us are completing DIY or getting around to doing the gardening and having occasional bonfires to dispose of the waste.

"This can be good for our mental and physical wellbeing but please be mindful that there may be key workers living locally who are working very hard, often through the night and may need to sleep or work from home during the day.

"We are asking our residents to be extra considerate and, for example, do noisy garden jobs such as mowing the lawn at tea-time rather than early in the morning.

"When you are working in your garden, playing music, using power tools or involved in any other activity that could impact your neighbour please think about them."