First-time buyer makes dream move to SKDC development

The first occupant of a new SKDC development in Bourne says she's delighted with her dream move to the new property.

Lucy Hetherington (24) was the first to complete the purchase of a modern apartment in Wherry's Lane and moved in last week.

It is the first scheme from Gravitas Housing, a commercial company owned by South Kesteven District Council. The £3m development offers modern town centre living, while the sale of the homes will generate income to help build much-needed affordable housing.

Cabinet Member for Growth, Cllr Barry Dobson, said: "It's great to see new life breathed into the heart of Bourne. Attracting residents to come and live in the town centre is an essential part of our vision for the district.

"These are affordable properties that enable young people to get on to the housing ladder and will contribute to the vitality of the town centre as they are close to a wide range of shops, services, facilities and employment opportunities, all within easy walking distance.

"They can be purchased using a variety of Help To Buy options. Some are on the market with 20% off, as Discounted Market Sales, to give the buyers a great start on the property ladder.

"As a result of the planning agreement, Gravitas will be able to use some of the proceeds to build more affordable housing and meet a strong local demand."

There are 20 two-bedroom apartments and five three-bedroom town houses, with 25 parking spaces.

Lucy said: "It was such an easy process to buy here and I've had great communication from SKDC.

"I've been commuting to Bourne from Doncaster for 18 months so to move in here with a two-minute walk to work is like a dream. I was the first in the block so I chose the top floor with views across the town centre."

An SKDC survey identified a low supply of town centre homes coupled with buoyant demand for quality properties in Bourne.

Eight of the two or three-bed Wherry's Court homes are already reserved. Four are available at a lower-cost home ownership option. For more information contact 01778 420011.

Picture 1: Cabinet Member for Growth Cllr Barry Dobson and Lucy Hetherington.

Wherrys 1

Picture 2: The SKDC team behind the development (l-r) Assistant Project Officer Adam Dodd; Head of Repairs and Improvements Andrew Sweeney; Development Manager Gemma Harte; Lucy Hetherington; Cabinet Member for Growth Cllr Barry Dobson; Assistant Director, Housing, Harry Rai.

Wherrys 2